Transceiver new build 1

The workshop clean up was delayed, I just had to get the VFO working. When I built the kit a few months back I did not solder one of the headers! Found that this afternoon, soldered it and all was well.

First job was to setup the IF at signal frequency + 9Mhz. Then a quick run through to see if all the functions were working as they should.

I like the minimal display. It would be even better to be able to go back to using one the old Eddystone slow motion drives like this one on a G2DAF RX from 1963. No water falls, flashing lights, bleeps, tones or warning messages on screen. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for all of that but sometimes I just want a radio that is simple and easy to operate without the need for an A4 ring binder full of instructions.

G2DAF RX at the national radio museum

At the end of the afternoon this is what I had; a VFO covering all bands from 160M – 10M with the IF set to 9Mhz and giving about 80mV P-P of sine wave ready to go straight into the mixer.