Remote antenna tuner -1

When I decided to get back on the air I pledged that everything would be homebrew and QRP. After 6 months I have transceivers that cover 106m to 10m. The antenna is up again and is fed by 38m of Westflex 103. (Thanks to M1DDD!) The interim matching is via a 9:1 balun. I have never liked baluns used like this as they are far too much of compromise. I desperately wanted to make a remote tuner and found a design by F4GOH. See his page here

I went to the Blackpool rally earlier this year and found an old remote tuner made for an obscure HF commercial transceiver. I thought it might work but after detailed examination I decided to strip it for parts. It was well worth the £12 paid for the waterproof fibreglass box and other bits.

I now have most of the parts to begin construction of the F4GOH tuner which I hope to complete before the weather turns wet and cold. Apart from the tuner I need to make a couple of DC power injectors to supply 12V to the tuner. The parts have arrived from Mouser and I will make them first.

A closer look at the internals outside of the box
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