6m Hentenna

This is a reprint from and archived copy of the 2012 page from the first site

6m Hentenna

I wanted a light weight portable antenna for 6m as I am now unable to haul up long yagis on 30 ft masts! Doing some web searches produced links to the Hentenna. It looked a likely candidate and even offered some gain but a lousy front to back ratio!

My 6m version consists of 2 lengths of plastic conduit salvaged from a scrap milking parlour on a local farm, around 8m of black connecting wire, 3 lengths of brazing rod I bought for car repairs 30 years ago and a strip connector which I had to buy for 50p. Total weight is around 1lb ( ~500gms) which makes it ideal for backpacking and SOTA. The basic design below is from Charlie Taylor, K5USS see his page HERE

I used stranded connecting wire for the loop with 3 lengths of brazing rod for the feed point connection. The ends of the rod are soldered onto 2 strip connectors (insulation removed) to form a T which can be moved up and down to find the best match. The centre section is also removable which helps compact packing.

An SO-239 was too heavy for my version so I used a BNC scoket removed from a computer card. There is still a support string to stop the weight of the coax from bending the centre element.

At the top and bottom of the loop the wire is passed through 2 lengths of plastic conduit. This mean the loop has to be squared up each time the antenna is used. It might be better (and lighter) to use lengths of aluminimum tube with the wires connected at each end.

The resulting antenna was secured to an old 10m (now about 8.75m after several mishaps) fishing pole. As the antenna weighs in at less than 500gms (or about a pound) it was easy to erect even in a ‘stiff breeze’.

The initial test showed the antenna works with good SWR at the lower end of the band. There was no DX to be had unlike the last few days where there has been a lot of sporadic E opening to Europe.